Online dating paradox

In all honesty, these people are partially right. As someone who frequently uses dating apps, I admit this app primarily serves as a self-centered confidence boost.


A match basically serves as an indirect compliment, even if you never end up talking to one another. Shocking, I know.

Especially when you consider my last Tinder conversation was with a girl who sent me seven memes and a gif before unmatching me without a word. This is in comparison to couples who meet in other, more traditional ways. If you clicked on this article, you probably came to find out why this is the case.

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It comes down to two primary reasons, both of which unfortunately have nothing to do with your motivations and everything to do with the nature of these dating apps. Social media, in general, is not a risky place. Sure, your content may not get a lot of traction or someone may write something mean on your content but these are soft rejections. You can usually forget about them without consequence and move on with your life.

Dating apps act in the same fashion. Boom, the person is gone forever. If something goes wrong with that interaction, there is much more risk involved since you have mutual friends and the chance to see each other in social situations. This risk factor is also the same reason we take dates our friends set us up on more seriously than people we have met online. If something wrong happens or we ghost someone with a mutual friend, then suddenly, it becomes a much bigger issue.

Because of this lack of risk, we are much less invested in making any sort of relationship from dating apps work. What I am saying is to understand that every relationship will have its ups and downs.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be single. The Paradox of Choice comes down to an idea translated from the world of consumerism. This idea being, we are no longer content with the possessions we have in that we are continually pursuing the newer better product, always demanding more. Unfortunately, people are now continually looking for a better experience, and because they have so many options through meeting people online, their ease of getting these experiences grows exponentially.

People always imagine these new experiences as some beautiful, issue free utopian date. Never once considering how good they currently have it or how bad these experiences actually can get. I mean, have you ever been on a first date?

The Online Dating Paradox

Are we creating a false reality? Are we supposed to applaud that you eat? Are we supposed to applaud that you are out? Are we supposed to applaud the th seflie you took while you were out? Are we beginning to learn to relate to people for immediate gratification only? Are you surprised when people blow you off or lead you on aka ghost, bench, gaslight or breadcrumb? Yet another paradox. Yes, I understand. The fake profiles, solicitation for sex, or green cards.

The Medium Is the Message, 50 Years Later

Yeah, maybe that would be the best course of action. Have you tried reporting profiles before? Did they not respond because of your political viewpoint? Fb engineering team?

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Not my area to comment on. The more options we have the privilege to choose from, the pickier they become. Someone has to really stand out among all of those options to get our attention. Our expectations are too high. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content.