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The resulting viable agricultural and recreational land is his legacy to the community. More than a decade in the making.

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Until Pitt Meadows had a vibrant Japanese Canadian population, mostly berry farmers, living throughout the community. This changed after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December, and soon they were on another list. By the end of all Japanese Canadians were gone from Pitt Meadows and their hall would be sold. The building stands today and is now used as a church. The owners at the time, Harvey and Betty McEwan, worked hard to get the structure endowed and it was the first in the community to receive the honour.

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It would take another 14 years for a second building to be endowed — the Community Church in The first settlers of land in Pitt Meadows more than years ago. After the establishment of the Pitt Meadows Athletic Association in they fielded a lacrosse team and constructed a lacrosse box at Harris Road Park. The team were the British Columbia Junior Champions.

The box has been gone for many years. Starting with the bookmobile, which had regular stops in Pitt Meadows and Pitt Polder. Opening their first Library in a reconditioned house in , which was shared by a local barber, Peter Gjaltema. In the library utilized the entire square foot building. In the library moved into a new facility which now houses some of the city staff. The library now resides at Harris Road where it continues to serve the community. The River we know today as the Alouette was once known as the Lillooet, appearing as such on maps in the Museum collection up through Sometime during the first world war years it was renamed.

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It was remodeled in and again in Built through Pitt Meadows in c, the Lougheed Highway started out as a two lane graded dirt road. She recalled it was little used when first opened with only a few cars passing by each day. A far cry from the tens of thousands that use it each day now.

Brothers William and John McMyn arrived in Pitt Meadows in and settled on land in the highland area of the community with John farming property in what is now the Somerset area. The John McMyn farm house c is an early B. Mills prefabricated structure and is a designated heritage building. The date of the first municipal council meeting that was held in the basement of the Number One schoolhouse as no municipal hall existed.

John Blaney was Reeve. Lowland farmers moved livestock to higher ground and flood fighting efforts were coordinated out of the municipal hall on Harris Road. On May 24th, more than 7, acres of land on the Alouette were flooded, but on June 3rd, when the dyke on the north side of Barnston Island gave way, farm land on the Pitt Meadows side of the Fraser was saved.

Located about on Dewdney Trunk Road about half a kilometer west of Harris Road, it opened for classes in September, The school was the victim of school closure in the early part of the 21st century, but the building remains and is a daycare facility at this time. William and Mary Menzies settled on land on what we now call Sheridan Hill in c, living in a log cabin until they built their family home in The placement of the house on the hill kept them dry during the spring freshet that flooded area lowlands most springs. Wilma Robinson, their grand daughter, was the last family member to live on the hill but not in the house.

She passed away in January William, the oldest of the six children of Robert and Charlotte Mitchell, carried on the family dairy farm that began on what is now Mitchell Road in A community booster, Bill was a founding member of the Museum Society and a dedicated member of the Community Church Society. The site of the newest municipal hall in Pitt Meadows dates to c. Prior to that time municipal business was conducted out of the Hall located at Harris Road and McMyn. The first hall on the site was completed in September and burned to the ground in December, The second hall on the site was completed in and stands today as the Old Heritage Hall.

The first pre emptor who actually settled on the land he claimed in Pitt Meadows. Newton was the recently retired Factor at Fort Langley and retired on land on the eastern edge of Pitt Meadows, near Hammond, and just north of the Fraser River. From a sign that was located at the corner of Harris and Hammond Roads, c. When the population of Pitt Meadows was 2, Older students continued to walk to Maple Ridge for their education. The school was one room with no electric lights, no central heat and no indoor plumbing. Maud Patton was the first teacher and Maple Ridge administered the school.


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In , two years before incorporation, Pitt Meadows formed its own school board and took control of the school. Old Age Pensioners Association, the Pitt Meadows branch formed in with Ben Crow as President and with 60 members to start and 80 by the end of the year.

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A pioneering resident of Pitt Meadows, William Park arrived here in and eventually established his dairy farm. As the peat ran out blueberry bushes were gradually planted in and as the peat plant closed a blueberry business was born.

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Pitt Meadows first appears on a map of the area in The Pitt Meadows Athletic Association was formed in with the objects of forming a park and playground at Harris Road near the Hall. They accomplished this and much more including the construction of an outdoor pool that opened in In the Association voted to turn responsibility for the park, the pool and other facilities over to the municipality. Today the site is known as Harris Road Park.

Incorporated in as a charitable society to serve Pitt Meadows by helping individuals and groups make an ongoing difference in their community. Pitt Meadows Elementary was the first multi room school building to be built in Pitt Meadows. It opened in September, with Edith McDermott as its first principal.

The precursor to the Harris Road Co Op began under the institute. Formed in and incorporated in , the Museum Society oversees the Pitt Meadows Museum and Archives and strives to protect local heritage structures and to educate residents and visitors to the community about its rich history. This community Museum is governed by a non profit registered charity and has seen four separate locations in its 35 years of existence. A small, community facility, the Museum employs two part time year round staff and two full time summer students. The rest of the work is done by a small group of dedicated volunteers with new volunteers always welcome.

The group strived to bring culture, entertainment, health and educational opportunities to the community and worked hard to establish a library. Pitt Polder, otherwise known as dyking district one, derives its name from the Dutch meaning low land enclosed by dykes. Pitt Polder was incorporated into Pitt Meadows in The Pitt Polder Preservation Society was formed in as a group of concerned citizens of diverse backgrounds committed to the preservation and protection of the Pitt Polder.

There has been a bridge in place over the Pitt River since The first crossing was simply the old C. The crossing used the concrete foundations, but placed a two lane bridge on top. In , a second two lane bridge was built to the north of the structure for a total of four lanes. Both the and bridges were torn down after the newest crossing opened in November, Plommer as the first post master.

In , the office moved to a purpose built location on McMyn Road about where the theatre is now with R. Thorburn as the post master. A group for those boys who had gone through the Queen Scouts top scouts and then went on to Rovers when 18 and older.

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Their club house, located on Advent Road, was in an old building from Hales Lumber that was moved to the site and put on blocks. Planted on the lawn of the original municipal hall site on May 24, by Reeve W. Park with the assistance of Mrs. The oak stands there to this day giving shade to those who wait at the nearby bus stop. Robert Sharpe, his wife Catherine and the first five of their eight children arrived in Pitt Meadows by train in Sharpe Road north of Dewdney Trunk is named for the family.

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The legend of Slumach and the lost gold of Pitt Lake continues to intrigue many. The motto of Highland Park Elementary School. The school was built in and the eagle is the school mascot. In William and Jeannie Struthers moved to Pitt Meadows with their three sons, William, Jack and Robert, and took over running the general store and post office. Robert would eventually become an alderman in the community and his descendents have supplied the Museum with information, images and objects that relate to the site.