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He may be delusional.

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Last week, one of our contributors wrote an article called: One of our readers decided to take it upon himself to defend the honor of Montreal's men by addressing every single point on the list in a truly heroic fashion. Let's see what he had to say:. A gentleman always pays. If you say you don't mind splitting the bill, then you better not mind when you split the bill.

Otherwise you just lied on your first time out and you're judging your date on something material when you've just started off on a dishonest foot yourself. Your BF is wearing a jacket.

Why Montreal is a nice place and sucks at the same time : montreal

A gentleman offers his jacket to the lady. What are you an 18 year old wearing a skirt in the middle of winter? We all know the weather and a man or woman can get really sick if they're not dressed appropriately for this weather. I would give my sweater on a cold summer night or when there's a gust of wind, but there needs to be limits. A gentleman treats all women and girls as ladies. In the metro I always get asked for direction so I am obviously welcoming in some way. But guys like that you can feel it, you know that he's not trying to be "friendly" so I try to avoid looking at them.

You can just tell. Making eye contact with guys like that is just uncomfortable so yes "I keep walking downtown like am something special" rather than making eye contact with guys like OP.

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I'm thd one everyone asks for direction, old dudes love wishing me a nice day. And so my intuition's been right most of the time too when I spot an ass or a creep.

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I don't hang out on the metro or go to the gym to get hit on, there's a time and place for that shit, and it isn't when I'm tired and sweaty. As a born and raised montrealer lady: Women don't get pick upped unless for one nights , they meet guys trough acquaintances.

Your problem is related to 1. One year of bootcamp?


You might have enough experience to be an intern. Most devs here have a college 3 years if not university education 5years which also provide internships. A second year university graduate would have more XP then you. Guy is living in a city known to be a tech hub, with good free college and good cheap university From what you wrote, you obviously lack qualification and experience. You're a druggie whose life revolves around loft parties and picking up chicks, and you're complaining that people are flaky.

Règles générales

Oh, and good luck with that "economic stability" in the UK. I'm sure Brexit will be a huge boon to job security and economic growth. I just love Montrealers that stick together, They will bitch about their city til kingdom come. But if a strangers bashes it, like this dude, most locals will defend it till death. I love you Montreal. Bonne chance dans ta prochaine ville. Extra machines would be nice but even the ones we have are usually free every other day of the month.

You can buy a device to plug into your computer to buy tickets or passes and literally never wait in line. Its only 15 bucks and works well. What a stupid title. That's straight-up what your saying. It always does make me lol a little when I read complaints from people who want to come here and find jobs only speaking English. It would be no different than coming to Calgary or Vancouver expecting to get work while only speaking French. I moved here with the full expectation that I would have to develop working French proficiency in order to secure a job and I really would advise everyone moving to Montreal to have that same attitude because otherwise, you're just not going to get far.

It's one thing if you actively tried to learn French as quickly as possible, but based on your attitude about women, it wouldn't surprise me if you also approached the language issue with a sense of entitlement. Maybe you should stop applying to jobs that require more experience than you have which is 0 years experience? Go get an internship like most devs do. Sinon, il faudrait clairement en introduire une. Ce serait d'interest et utile d'en parler. Faut pas accepter ce genre de comportement.

T'aurais due poussez pour leur forcer te donner une raison valable. As tu un lien vers le post? En plus d'avoir honte un peu de la situation des punaises. Pour vrai, le gars a pas l'air de se prendre pour de la shit. Tu peux voir pourquoi le monde en voudrait pas dans leur cercle d'amis. It's clueless foreigners like you who barge-in without the intelligence of learning about History and willing to understand why we would be different from any other North-American cookie-cutter city, and then come to complain here! You could look like The Rock but with that attitude no woman would ever even consider being with you.

I didn't expect everyone to get so defensive about this post. I agree with some points but not others. I didn't interpret his wanting to meet woman in a predatory way- just in a.. I'm a woman btw. IF they do, then maybe you're the problem. The girls here, yeah they're somewhat easy to pick up. You shouldn't judge their looks though, cause if you're a class A ass hole, chances are you ain't getting shit.

Montreal Man Honestly Responds To The "Dating In Montreal Sucks And Here’s Why" Article

Plus MTL has it's lowest unemp. You spent most of your post trying to convince me you're not the problem. You know you're the problem. That you won't admit it isn't too surprising. If you were more honest with yourself you might enjoy Montreal more. It's a city for those that know what they want and how to get it. I don't think you share either of those qualities at the moment. I try to load up my month pass maybe a week before the end of the month. Who has the highest budget surplus not Ontario? You fucking blokes are such a joke when it comes to running the country!

How To Get A Boyfriend In Montreal (French Edition)

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