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The league system is what brings competitiveness in War Robots. We understand that sometimes this competitiveness may cause frustration.

We prepared a game mode for custom battles for those who are interested not only in the competitive approach. Matchmaking cannot be ideal — skill level cannot be measured absolutely but we are striving to make every team have an equal chance of winning. Our game designers are continuously monitoring the state of the system and take necessary measures now and then to make it balanced. Just because I have a scourge haechi means im in champion league last i checked i was in gold 3.

Just checking in to see if matchmaking has been fixed Uninstalled a year ago after playing for a week because my MMR got too high and I was in matches with robots many many levels above me. It got to the point where I could just go afk because my contribution was negligable with the robot and equipment I had unlocked. I always seem to be up against level 12 bots with my mix range ones? Matchmaking is clearly broken. I've been tempted to delete the app so many times This isn't tanking, which I think Ryandam's suggestion below should be considered. This is matching players so that they are at least playing against other legit players in their own leagues, or within reason, e.

I'd be willing to wait 60 seconds or so if that's what it takes. What if you gave an option for users to select to play only within their league?

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Players can decide for themselves if it's worth the long wait. I just went over that translation. No thanks to Google Translate. A special thanks to Google Translate. That way, both skill and hangar level are taken into account.

Can I see what Matchmaking Tier I am on?

High total damage is a sign of either high skill level or high gear level. It does all the math. Beacon Runners get a chance too. Perhaps that every beacon captured is converted into , damage. I have to emphasize that this formula does all the work by accounting for both skill and gear. Anywho, who wants to send this to Pixonic? Dave Buk Birkett o totally agree the game matches you up with the most fricking overpowered bots in the game.

Lies all lies, matchmaker throws me in against massively op mechs with op weapons compared to me. I unload on a red guy and i barley make a mark then red guy hits me once and i loose half health. Real RZ, hi myself myself. Real RZ, hi myself. Bronze frequently plays against silver, sometimes Diamond. Most people i play overpower me in terms of weapons and bots by a long shot. Fix the matchmaking its not balanced! How is it that a person can be in the silver league and have victories and MK2 robots and weapons?

Doesn't make sense and totally destroys my ranking when I know I outplayed them but they just had stronger weapons and robots to begin with. The current matchmaking is completely flawed. It takes anywhere from minutes to never.

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Or maybe you both jumped in with massive uncertainty in your Performance Ratings and the MM tossed you together, if so, look on the other team, there is probably another hanger as strong as yours balancing it out as part of the system sorting things out. Since the system sorts from the middle up and the middle down people just like you are the proverbial whipping boy, the filter in which the initial setting of the system relies upon.

Until most of the players have logged on and played enough games to set their Performance Rating and reduce the uncertainty in the system you will keep getting these fresh to the MM people until they move above you and sometimes below you. This does suck, but it does get better, hang in there and thank you for your service.

Leavers and low priority queue

Essentially there will now be a smaller range in Winrates, i. Your Performance Rating is not purely your winrate, nor purely your average damage, but your damage relative to your teammates and whether you were on the winning or losing side of a battle. Here is a theoretical model for what this could look like. Without a peak behind the curtain at their new Hanger Strength Calculator and their MM there is no real way to know if these numbers are right. Now, this is highly unlikely to be what it is actually doing, but fundamentally it should be close enough to grasp how the MM is treating you.

Well, if you feel you are perpetually struggling uphill against stronger opposition or always carrying a losing team it may be true. If you're always winning big, snagging that Medal of Capture or pulling 1st or second damage when you win and when you lose you are often the top performer on your losing team you could be keeping your Performance Rating high.

Because, you are a good pilot and are contributing at that level. It might not feel fair, but based on Performance Metrics you are right where you are supposed to be.

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As more and more people set and stabilize their Performance Ratings you should see a shift closer to your hanger strength with more skilled pilots similar to you. If you lose small and win big your Performance Rating reflects that and gives you opposition that is at a similar performance rating to you. As time goes on this will keep getting better and better as the system fine tunes itself and that just takes a while and a lot of games. It doesn't look like the MM adjusts your Performance Rating in real time, it likely does it every X amount of time, or after a half dozen games or so, so just hang in there and keep giving it more data.


Can I see what Matchmaking Tier I am on?

As times goes on this will get less and less jumpy. You'll hear a lot of talk about "resetting" your Performance Rating by dropping it down to the floor by intentionally losing matches, dropping games etc. Then opposition gets really easy and you can win your way back up to "reset" it. All this is the new kind of clubbing and Pix will be doing something to correct this problem in the future. Your Performance Rating will adjust as you play.

If you've been playing under the New MM for any length of time, have no fear, it is set, or as set as the turbulant MM can be right now, and it'll keep getting better and better. Hanger Strength is still based either solely, or manly on your strongest bot. So, keep those hangers balanced folks! We really don't know yet. But, if you're off a bit, have no fear after a number of games your Performance Rating will adjust for an unoptimized hanger to give you good quality matches.

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Well, it calculates its just like it did before and just like it calculates your Hanger Strength. So, the pilot in your Squad with the highest Performance Rating sets the Performance Rating for the whole squad.

Whats Wrong with Matchmaking - War Robots

So, running mixed strength squads can be just as problematic as it was before and can be responsible for many of your poorly matched matches whether you are in the squad or a random paired against it. Try and run with squadmates who have similar strengthened hangers, or a squadmate with a stronger hanger who is a less skilled pilot. What have been my experiences on the MM. Match balance is improving even if each player on each team is not well balanced. Games are often well balanced even when mixed Squads are present.