Dating guy comes too quickly

I don't know why but the minute a girl starts nibbling on my ear, I'm a goner.

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Play with my balls, always. Some girls forget about the balls when they're giving head or having sex, they're not too hard to reach. Just a slight touch will drive any guy wild, we'll finish before you know it. When a girl lets me get on top, I usually finish faster. I don't know what it is about being on top, maybe a dominance thing.

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I love staring into my girlfriend's eyes while I'm on top of her. I love dirty talk. Really, the dirtier the better.

5 Types of Men to Avoid Dating

I always have to tell girls beforehand that whatever we say during sex doesn't mean anything — because I say a lot of inappropriate things and names, but they're just fun and fooling around. Take your top off when you're on top. Nothing like seeing a girl's boobs going all over the place during sex. I love when it's passionate.

Lots of kissing and hands moving and fingers in each other's hair. This is going to sound strange but I love when a girl breathes in my ear. Conversation and communication between lovers is a wonderful thing.

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However, there are times when talking distracts and otherwise hurts and chills romance, passion, and the romantic tension between the partners. Intensity and sexual charge require a certain kind of silence, which can be easily ruined and disturbed by irrelevant comments or even an innocent joke that will ruin the moment around the time when it was supposed to culminate into an increasing for each other or a sexual climax. Do not underestimate the power of not talking during and right before sex, unless of course you are saying something provocative that you know will arouse your partner and will make him even hungrier for you.

What turns men off in bed

Denying a guy from kissing you and licking you anywhere and everywhere he wants will leave him unsatisfied and will turn the whole experience into a substandard sexual encounter. So if the guy wants to go down on you, let him, invite him and encourage him in your own seductive ways, and learn how to enjoy that as well. Treat him by sitting on his face or flaunt your beauty by bending over or standing on all fours in front of him every now and then. Few things are more enjoyable and satisfying to a guy than knowing and hearing that a woman truly enjoys what he does to her in bed.

Guys love when a woman is loud during sex.

2. Andrew:

Being as loud as you want to be, and not more or less, will make sex much more exciting for both of you. You may be concerned about the guy seeing your naked body and getting turned off, but guess what — he probably knows what you look like without clothes if he saw you with your clothes on, so there will likely be very few surprising for him. If you are too shy to reveal your body to the guy you are about to sleep with, you better address that issue and liberate yourself from that insecurity, as depriving the guy from the opportunity to fully appreciate and admire your body and depriving yourself from the opportunity to enjoy seeing how the guy gets excited about seeing you naked is going to hurt your sexual experience with the guy and take away something very important and exciting from it.

I remember my friend telling me about spending his first night with this attractive, interesting girl, who gave him a handjob and immediately after he was finished, she jumped up and rushed to clean herself instead of just holding each other and laying in bed.

19 Guys Confess Exactly What To Say To Make Them Finish Faster In Bed

You may be frustrated when the guy is finished before you managed to rich a climax it takes longer for the vast majority of women to come than it does for most men. If you decide to address this, make sure you put a positive spin on it. You cannot make a guy happy in bed if you dismiss his fantasies rather than fulfilling them, sharing yours and enjoying it the way you should be. If having a guy kissing your feet makes you uncomfortable, you should seriously and thoroughly explore why, do your best to overcome and eliminate whatever mental obstacles you have toward enjoying having your body worshiped in its entirety, by a man, and this will open the door toward enjoying your sex life on a whole different level.

It is just as important to know what turn men on as it is knowing what turns men off in bed.

What makes a girl come fast?

The above tips should help you avoid the most common turn-offs in bed with men that many women are not aware of, and you are much more likely to come across as a much better romantic and sexual partner to any guy.