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Nothing sticks; he is Teflon. The mothership awaits his report. Or even Startup Guy. They all went to the same school: Plain Vanilla Institute of Technology. Double major in engineering and obfuscation. On his second orbit of the room he lands back at our table, and starts entertaining himself by leafing through a stack of 3-D CT scanning images provocatively arranged in our display.

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He seems interested; maybe the images have their own unique gravitational pull. Anyway, they pull him. He looks away, then looks back, several times. Countering his habits, we do our best to make eye contact and extend pleasantries.

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Of course he does. He says this while directing his speech at an oblique angle from where you sit, no doubt capitalizing on the acoustics. It appears you are interested in our CT scanning capabilities. Is there a specific problem we may assist you in resolving? Not even so much as an acknowledgment. That rigorous cultural immersion training again. He continues to sift through the assorted images without comment. Maybe he is a spy.

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Assessing what his own operation lacks, and what his superiors need. Again, no answer at first. Then mumbling, directed at no one in particular. Then a hastily averted gaze. Then departure, doubtless to forestall further engagement. He leaves the room, maintaining the mystery. But then he comes back 30 minutes later, following the conclusion of a stemwinder about thermosetting adhesives.

Fifty-seven utterly captivating PowerPoint slides in 4K vision and surround sound. He looks somewhat reduced from the edge-of-your-seat excitement, like part of him sweated itself away, leaving fatigue.

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The ritual of engagement renews. Further detached scrutiny of our x-ray and CT scanning images. He has a problem and he wants something. The truth is out there. Despite the odds, time to attempt contact with intelligent civilization, using better means. No verbal acknowledgment whatsoever. He pivots away and saunters down our row of display tables, stopping at one or two of them to stare at the wares on display, always careful to keep that name badge safely tucked away and not prone to gravity-induced revelation.

The aim is to further develop existing events, to create. Cohen disagrees that Chinese trade practices. BL1 Now in its fourth year, the UFI Next Generation Leadership NGL Grant programme promotes next generation leadership in the exhibition industry, rewarding professionals who demonstrate clear initiative in driving change and innovation in their area of activity.

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The NGL Grant is open to anyone who works full time in the exhibition industry, and has done so for no more than ten years. By implementing tradeshow data, tailored to your needs, you benefit from reliable, always up-to-date content on your own website. Safety Expo Bergamo, Italy. Phuket Yacht Show Phuket, Thailand. A weekly must-read for organisers, exhibition centre managers and service partners. Order a sample copy. Women in the event industry — equal status? Tradeshow reports Design Marketing Brandspaces. Sporting events, especially youth and amateur events, are big users of hotels, and Salt Lake City has a very diverse and scalable hotel product to offer the sporting market, he said.

However, he mentioned that one amenity the city could use to improve its hosting profile would be a convention hotel to reduce the logistical issues that planners currently have to contend with when considering Salt Lake City.

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That's where the networking is done," Higgins said. It makes our lives in the convention industry easier and the attendee experience a lot better.

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Deseret News Church News Subscribe. Jasen Lee Jasen reports primarily on business, technology and utilities. Utah 7 hours ago Provo Canyon closed after avalanche spills 30 feet of snow on highway. What do you know about Christmas villains? Utah 9 hours ago 'I'm worried that he's dangerous,' Lauren McCluskey's mother told police 12 days before her murder.